About erotic photography as a delightful sexual game

Who likes taking erotic photos? Who loves to be photographed? To my first question probably most people would answer yes but I would receive less positive answers to the second question.

Would you have thought that this activity is good for personality development, self-confidence and to do sexual plays and leads to extremely high level of orgasm?

For decades, I have lived the life of average housewives, photos of children were the most important to me and if sometimes I had to get an ID photo taken I had already got stressed. Then my opportunities changed and I started taking pictures of myself. First very clumsy and all without preparation. The miracle had happened already! Photos were taken that surprised even me. I posted a few of them and I got lots of positive feedback. I have been using it as a sexual joyful activity since then. Beauty is never what is visible from the outside but the radiation comes from the inside. A less beautiful woman can be desirable if she is erotic.

If someone has no partner, maybe this is one of the best fun-loving activities.

However Iit brings new experiences for those who live in a relationship and wakes up the desires that may be flowing in a sense. The long preparation itself already means an inexhaustible foreplay.

Think about it!

  • Must be organized to have the right location and time.
  • Make sure to be in peace and not be disturbed.
  • You need to find, or even buy, exciting, seductive, sexy clothes but the choice of background and fixtures as well as camera angle are also important.

Already in the trial booth, I get excited about buying beautiful lingerie and accessories, though I only imagine what opportunities exist in them. It is terribly irritant that when preparing I do not wear panties anymore. In brackets I note that without panties, in everyday life, gives me the kind of radiation that people do not understand in my environment because they do not know what is vibrating around me, just feel it.

When I take pictures I try several settings, different poses. When I make selfies, I do not care if I get into the camera or not, I pay attention to myself and to my own joy.

There is only the machine and myself, a selfie stick with a remote control. In this case one of my vibrators always plays a leading role, as if it can be seen on the picture or not, it always has to work and keep me on a constant level of excitement. The hottest minutes will be produced by a series of photos that are made when recording my intimate parts of my body. Wonderful experience and terrible excitement. Of course it cannot be compared with being with a man but it is special and so high as it is able to generate excitement, which at the end of the day is full of great orgasm. This is not over yet! The activity of selecting hundreds of photos is exciting and I experience again the original feelings. Satisfaction is not questionable. Now the time has come when thanks to my dear friends my own website has been created with professional pictures and videos.

Thank you very much for their hard work. I trust you will satisfy your desires and will assure your complete satisfaction when viewing my site. If you have any suggestions, questions, what you would you like to see from me, please write me in an open comment. I promise all your wishes will be completed as far as I can! I wish you the delights of crossing borders!