I love silence, peace and nature

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I live by a big river that I visit almost every day. I love silence, peace, and being part of the wonder of nature.

There are areas the place the water runs a unclean brown and areas the place it runs clear as ice blue glass with icey white caps and you may see each rock, stone, fish and plant beneath it is floor. My favourite place in all of the world is a slight out cropping that may solely be reached by strolling by means of some bushes from a motorcycle path close to by. I Love it. The out cropping is especially packed grime, however there’s a fallen log, and relying on the season, a six inch to 4 foot drop to the water.

Throughout the day you’ll be able to see the living plant throughout the way in which half hidden by timber and bushes and the over go connecting of the nature. I like this spot becauase I can sit there and see the steadiness of nature and humanity. The sound of the water is as calming for my heart.

One more reason I love this spot is that it is protected against the bike path by bushes and I can do almost something I need there. I’ve had nude photos taken there, I’ve sat and day dreamed, masturbate, and even slept.